Muito Kaballa

New Album soon: Little Child

Inspired by funk, jazz, rumba, samba, afrobeat and simply everything that grooves, Muito Kaballa make every hall steam. But there is always room to take a breath, to think and to smile.

The nine bring an exciting and gripping programme to the stage that truly sweeps you along. At the same time, they never lose that little wink of the eye and the sense of a little self-irony – a likeable troupe that is able to embark on far-reaching musical journeys with the audience without losing its base.


  • 23.04: Tuntenball, Freiburg
  • 28.04: Musikbunker, Aachen 
  • 29.04: JAKI, Köln
  • 30.04: VK, Brüssel
  • 01.05: Illegaal Festival Brüssel
  • 05.05: Sudhus, Basel
  • 06.05: Maastricht Bankastudio (tbc)
  • 07.05: LBB Maastricht
  • 08.05: Grounds, Rotterdam
  • 11.06: Kimiko
  • 18.06: Dortmund, tbc
  • 25.06: La Nature, Les Ardennes
  • 15.07: Oude Marie, Drosten
  • 24.07: Bonn