Muito Kaballa – Power Ensemble from Cologne

13 10 23JakiCologneGER
15 10 23Westbahnhof LeipzigLeipzigGER
18 10 23Badehaus BerlinBerlinGER
21 10 23Hostel CelicaLjubljanaSLO
22 10 23CIQMilanoITA
25 10 23Trenta FormicheRomaITA
26 10 23Binario69BolognaITA
27 10 23kHausBaselSUI
29 10 23ParktheaterIserlohnGER
31 10 23Brasserie IllegaalBrusselsBEL
15 02 24Bahnhof LangendreerBochumGER
16 02 24Kulturzentrum SchlachthofKasselGER
17 02 24Hafen 2OffenbachGER
22 02 24Funky ClubTorinoITA
24 02 24La JonquilleGenfSUI
27 02 24JubezKarlsruheGER
29 02 24Indra MusikclubHamburgGER
11 03 24The 100 ClubLondonGBR
15 03 24The Jam JarBristolGBR
16 03 24Band on the WallManchesterGBR
07 07 24OsterdeichBremenGER
Muito Kaballa – Band foto of the Ensemble

»Muito Kaballa is a band from Cologne initially starting as a single person project, eventually morphing into a nine piece orchestra, adequately labeled as a power ensemble. This journey can be heard in their development and their convergence into the musical body they are. This in turn gives them a complex identity like no other. They also manage to integrate non musical elements like their visual approach or stage presence, by weaving all their interests into their spectacle. Their latest album, Like a River, represents the never ending flow, with all its contradictions, not being able to distinguish itself from the great body of water that it is, connecting from its roots, the spring from which the water comes to the oceanic bodies embracing all the whole earth, which is defined through interlaced mechanics of the natural journey of Muito Kaballa.«